A past courageous act in the future

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A past courageous act in the future

Living in Moscow in the late 1990s I had to be courageous. I had to learn a new language, speak it and make myself understood. Since all of the signs were in Cyrillic, I had to learn a new alphabet to make sure I didn't get hopelessly lost on the Moscow Metro. I needed courage to maintain motivation working as a consultant during the Russian financial crisis and to trust the Russian translator when facilitating workshops.

Happy Holidays from insium

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#Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from insium!





We look forward to working with you again in 2024.


insium continues to support Zoos Victoria's team of experts in their efforts to respond to injured and distressed wildlife every day of the year, saving our precious native fauna and working together to fight extinction.


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Be the courage you wish to see in the world

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Be the courage you wish to see in the world.

As you know, we are super-keen on building courage – building courage in our workplaces, in our homes, in our communities and in our world.  With recent local and world events, goodness knows we need more courage. 

So, in our newsletter today, you will find:


A few things to share with you; some may say “ to give” you...

 A Team Exercise: “I give …; I wish …”

This is a team exercise to strengthen connection, understanding and performance. Specifically, the aims of exercise are to:


Last year (2022) more than ever the world searched “can I change”...

 Happy new year!  I hope the start of 2023 has been good for you, your family, friends and communities, and for your colleagues and workplaces.