Wellbeing In The Workplace


The overall objective of this workshop is to increase individual wellbeing.


It is known that increasing individual wellbeing impacts positively on individual performance, on team wellbeing and performance, and subsequently on organisational wellbeing and performance.


Generally initiated with senior to executive leaders who are curious about and dedicated to building personal and organisational wellbeing, this workshop has been subsequently cascaded to all levels within a number of organisations.


Key workshop foci are:


*   Wellbeing and individual performance


*   Wellbeing, leadership and culture


*   Assessment and understanding of current wellbeing


*    Understanding and identification of specific skills, tools and practices that improve individual wellbeing


*    Development of actions for sustaining and/or building wellbeing


Several of these workshops were delivered throughout 2010 - 2016, and continue to this day. As the field of wellbeing is vast and organisational needs are specific, each workshop has been developed to meet exact organisational objectives; as such, modules have included:


*   Best Self … Best Self as Leader


*   Strengths … Realising your Potential


*   The Virtue of Courage


*   Balance and Values


*   Leadership Principles


*   Building Energy (Stakeholder) Networks


*   Positive Practices


*   Exploring and Identifying Personal Purpose


*   Developing Mindfulness


*   Building Self Resilience


*   Pausing in a VUCA World


*   Optimism


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