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Coaching Successes

A number of insium’s organisational coaching counterparts have had significant successes as a result of engaging insium as their organisational coach.

*   A manager in a pharmaceutical company sought a coaching relationship in order to resolve an internal conflict and to build his positivity. As a result of coaching, and the coaching counterpart’s commitment to this initiative, this manager has built resilience and tenacity, and has been asked to be a key member of this organisation’s AsiaPacific Medical Leadership team.

*   A previous participant of an insium Strengths workshop sought coaching to help her be fulfilled and energised in her work and at home. One key outcome to-date is job crafting so that she works to her strength. This new role/job description is currently with her manager for review and consideration.

*   insium coached a senior executive to understand her workplace and personal motivations. She is now in a role that utilises her motivations and enables her to achieve the work/life balance she desires.

*   A Product Manager who was on a performance improvement plan identified during coaching conversations that the issue was not in skill, but rather in their attitude towards personal branding and building relationships. As a result of coaching, this Product Manager is now a valued team member within the organisation.

*   An employee in a not-for-profit organisation learned through coaching to work constructively with organisational politics, resulting in improved workplace relationships and outcomes. The coaching relationship continues on an informal basis.

Appreciative inquiry and positive coaching underpin many of insium’s coaching partnerships.