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As you know, I am passionate about building courage, and in the past few months, I have no doubt that we have all needed courage at different times.  I certainly have.  To help enable your and my courage, we have created a number of resources over the past few months which you may already be familiar with.  My purpose today is to provide a compilation of these resources, so that when you need, you can easily find what is most valuable for you.

You might need some ideas to energise yourself and your team?  We’ve developed a number of Covid-19 Working From Home Resources for you – Inspiration and Ideas to Engage … 

If you need some reading, you’ll find recent Courage Interviews and Courage Blogs that share the perspectives and learning of others and will inspire you to courage.

I’ve also written a couple of articles:

Additional reading that has got me thinking includes:

Be sure to look out for my upcoming article which will be published in PepTalk’s Spring edition, available in September.

If you prefer to listen to podcasts or watch recordings, click here.  I’ve been fortunate to have been interviewed by a number of people about courage during Covid-19, exploring courage in our current workplaces, courageous leadership and courageous job hunting.  

While on recordings, you might like to watch “How to be brave - A video for kids (or their support crew)” by Karen Young. (Thanks Sue Salamito for sharing this with me.)


A current conference for your consideration:  I encourage you to discover the Humanity for Hope (h4h) Global Movement Conference.  By participating in this conference, your registration will be donated to entities that work in the distribution of food and personal protective equipment in the COVID-19 pandemic.  Upon registration, you can watch the various speakers at a time(s) that is convenient for you.  I am so humble and grateful to be able to contribute to this wonderful initiative.


You might also know that I firmly believe that we all have courage within, we just need an opportunity to stop and reflect on past courageous acts to increase our self-awareness, to build on the courage skills that we already have, and to re-apply these skills in future as we need them.  We would love to help you uncover your past courageous acts and to build and strengthen your courage skills, whether this be through coaching and/or your participation in one of our courage programs. We would welcome a conversation of what this might look like for you; perhaps: 

  • My Courageous Self
  • Dare To Lead™ - please be in touch if you would like to participate in a Dare To Lead™ program for individuals as we are currently taking registrations 

 As always, we would love to share your stories of courage as we know we are inspired to courage on hearing of the courageous acts of others.  


#drawonyourcourage and stay well,




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