Courage Month Wrap up

Written by  Tuesday, 01 December 2020
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Dare To Lead™ workshop dates


insium’s workplace CQ!



Wow! What a month!  Courage certainly is contagious!  I have been inspired to courage by the courageous stories of our guests during #couragemonth.  Vanessa O’Hanlon led conversations with women in healthcare, business, community, sport, media and fashion, who each shared their reflections and learning about courage.

My favourite quotes include:

Michelle Lock:  "It took every ounce of courage not to react."

Lisa Gray:  "Good leadership cannot exist without courage.”

Danya Sterling: “It is OK to be scared and courageous.”

Lisa Alexander: “I gave my students and teams the tools to be the best they could be.”

Emily Angwin:  “Staying true to self builds courage.”

Arlinda McIntosh: “It’s just what I do.” (in response to courage being identified in her actions) 

Videos of the each of these conversations will be available soon.


I am thrilled to say that all of the profits from #couragemonth are being donated to the Cathy Freeman Foundation.


Important news for you to continue to build and sustain your courage:

  • Dare To Lead™ Workshops, delivered online, commence on:
    • January 15
    • February 18

More information can be found here.  Remember, a discount is available for those of you who joined us during #couragemonth. Perhaps a great way to kick off 2021!?  Hope you can join us!

  • The results of insium’s workplace Courage Questionnaire (CQ) will be available in early 2021! In this questionnaire we were curious about courage in typical workplace situations.  269 Australians responded as to how worthwhile, how risky and how willing they were to act on these workplace situations.  If you’d like a copy of our report please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Most importantly, thank you to Vanessa, our courageous host; to all of our courageous storytellers; and to Jack & Geoff, our courageous behind-the-scenes-this-could-not-have-taken-place-without-them team.  And to all of you who joined us, thank you.


Be the courage you want to see in the world (apologies to Mahatma Gandhi),




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