Leadership attributes - courage, empathy, a scout mindset & wellbeing

Written by  Wednesday, 28 March 2018
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Leadership Attributes - Courage, Empathy, A Scout Mindset &Wellbeing

It's almost the end of Quarter 1 and much has taken place!  During this first quarter, we have been inspired by many.  We've been inspired and energised by leaders who are sharing their perspectives on courage, and we've been inspired and learnt from the work of others ... and we would like to share our inspiration with you.

1.  Courage:  Thus far, we have published interviews with:
  • Frank Ribuot, CEO Randstad, ANZ, SEA & India
  • Professor Cindy Pury, Professor of Psychology, Clemson University, USA
  • Rob Hetherington, General Manager Gilead Sciences, Australia & NZ
  • Lara Mossman, Associate Lecturer, Australian Universities

We have had such a great response, that we are now publishing our interviews on a weekly basis.  We're also publishing blogs on a fortnightly basis.  You can find our interviews and blogs here.

Look out for our Courage Questionnaire which we will be launching soon.  Our aim is to collect data on workplace courage from around the world and share what we learn with you!  We would love for you to participate - as an individual or as a team member. If you and/or your team would like to participate, please register your interest by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We had the opportunity to share a sample of our Leading with Courage program with the Slade Group team recently. Please be in touch if we can do this for your team too.

2.   Empathy:
  • Being empathic is good, but ... :  This article highlights the upsides and downsides of being empathic.  if you'd like to read a client's reflection on reading this article, you can find it here.
  • Additionally, compassion vs empathy; this article provides guidance on how to be a compassionate leader.

3.  A scout mindset:  

Julia Galef shares her research on having a scout mindset in this Tedx Talk, exploring:
  • Being curious to understand what really is there as opposed to seeing things through your own biases 
  • How motivated reasoning leads to the decisions we make (while on the subject of decision-making, you might like to read this HBR article); and she asks:
  • “What do you yearn for?”  Do you want to defend your position or to see the world with clarity?

4.  Wellbeing:

In February, I had the great fortune to be video interviewed by Leanne Camilleri from Inspired Goddess - Circle of Inspiration.  It was my first Facebook live chat (I was a little apprehensive). We chatted about core, authenticity, values, strengths and more. Thanks Leanne!  Was great fun ... even though we got a little rained on in Albert Park!  You can watch our video here.
Hope you are as inspired as we are!
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