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Written by  Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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The 5th World Congress of Positive Psychology

Leading with Courage

As several you are aware, I had the opportunity to present my “Leading with Courage” program at the recent 5th World Congress of Positive Psychology.  I received feedback on the program from a panel comprised of world renowned experts in the field of positive psychology and organisations, including Marisa Salanova, Professor of Work & Organisational Psychology, Jaume I University, Spain, and Anne Brafford, co-founder of Aspire Legal and Chairperson of the American Bar Association’s Attorney Wellbeing Committee.


If you’d like to share my journey to the WCCP, you can follow it here:

This is my submission to the International Positive Psychology Association Work and Organisations Division (IPPA WOD) to be considered for the WCPP.

Upon being shortlisted, this is the video that I submitted to IPPA WOD which led to my presenting my “Leading with Courage” program.

Some reflection while preparing for my presentation at the 5th WCCP can be found here.

An overview of my program “Leading with Courage” follows at this link:

My reflection, “Being Courageous,” post the WCCP can be found here:


“The topic is very innovative … and you are going one step forward with authentic leadership.”

Marisa Salanova

Director of Master of Applied Psychology Program, Jaume I University, Spain


“It was a wonderfully emotionally appealing presentation, which needs the rational appeal too … My favourite piece is Step 3.  You weren’t just thinking of a ‘train and go’, but how do we embed.”

Anne Brafford, Co-founder of Aspire Legal



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