#2021 #courage #stories #wellbeing #tools

Written by  Thursday, 03 February 2022
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#2021 #courage #stories #wellbeing #tools


At the beginning of every year, I search for “Google Year in Search” for the previous year.

The short clip at this link (2 minutes) illustrates what we – earth’s humanity – searched for the most in 2021. In summary, we laughed and cried together; we grew together. As a result of watching this clip, I am reflecting on What am I fighting for, so that I and those I care about come back stronger? As a result, I am reminding myself that “No action is too small” ~Vanessa Nakate.

insium held its 3rd Courage Conference – #courage2021 – late last year. We were inspired by Nikki Clarkson from Southern Cross Austereo, Paul Kennedy from the ABC, and Alicia Stephenson from Future Women, who shared their stories of courage and accountability, the courage to be authentic, and courageous conversations respectively. If you’d like to listen to these stories, hosted by Vanessa O’Hanlon, recordings of the sessions can be found here.

Additionally at #courage2021 we shared further data from insium’s Workplace Courage Questionnaire, focusing on courage and accountability. Key findings include:

  • We are willing to:
    • Hold ourselves to account
    • Uphold diversity and inclusion
    • Admit mistakes
  • We are least likely to:
    • Manage destructive conflict
    • Hold others to account
    • Admit we can’t do a task

You can access the full article here. I would love to dive into deep discussion with you about courage and accountability. Anyone up for a walk, or a coffee, or a coffee and a walk?

Speaking of courage, what do you need courage for in 2022?  Might it be to:

  • Express how you feel about the impact of the past 2 years?
  • Hold others to account (see above)?
  • Persevere and strive towards your goals?
  • Trust in yourself that you can give feedback in a thoughtful way?
  • Disagree with a colleague?
  • Support an unpopular, yet worthwhile, decision?
  • To say “no”?

We have a number of tools that will support you to be courageous and we know that “no action is too small.”  We recently came across the following tool which will support you to say “no”.

@leah_pierson and her friends developed the cards in this photo. One of these friends, @thesophiegibert has designed beautiful Saying No to Things Punch Cards, with either an ice-cream or a cocktail as the reward! All proceeds from these cards go to @givedirectly.

We know building courage has a positive impact on our wellbeing. Published by the OECD late last year, data shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has (not surprisingly) impacted all aspects of wellbeing. You can read the article here and access the full report here.

What are you doing for yourself and your team to build wellbeing? Some of the programs we offer to build wellbeing can be found here.

We’re keen on building courageous, well individuals, teams and cultures. If you’re keen too, let’s chat! … Coffee? Walk? Coffee and walk?

#drawonyourcourage and be well,

Dina (aka @CourageChick)

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