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Written by  Thursday, 23 June 2022
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#empathy #health #wellness #courage



Over the past months I’ve been fortunate to have many discussions about empathy with participants as I facilitate Dr. Brené Brown’s Dare To LeadTM program.

There are a few key points that I would like to share with you as these have had a significant effect on participants and myself alike. 

In Dare To LeadTM we explore the question, “When you share something that makes you feel vulnerable, that makes you uncomfortable, how would you like the person that you are sharing this information with to respond?” Participants are surprised by the diversity of the responses that are offered; for example, some would like eye contact to be maintained whereas others prefer not to make eye contact; some would like a response from the person while others would just like them to listen.

The significant learning is “Wow, I always respond with how I would like others to respond to me, but that’s not necessarily how others would like me to respond. Empathy looks different for all of us.” This leads to deep curiosity to understand what empathy looks and sounds like for fellow team members, and to further connection as all team members share what is ok and what is not ok. All team members felt seen and heard.   

The following question tends to be raised by participants; “How should I respond if I haven’t had the opportunity to understand another person’s preferred empathic response before they share information with me that makes them feel vulnerable?” The answer? Ask. When someone shares their story with you, gently ask a question such as: “How can I support you right now?”; “What do you need from me now?”

Additionally, participants come to the conclusion that, before they share their own story with another, they will let them know what their expectations are of that person. For example: “I’m about to share some information with you …

• … I’d just like you to listen please;” or 

• … I’m really keen on your perspective;” or

• … it would be great if we could brainstorm some solutions together please.”

As we explore empathy, I am always grateful for the willingness of participants to be vulnerable and to share their own experiences, thoughts, hopes and learning.  What I am reminded of every time is that empathy is a skill, an emotion, an experience that draws us together as a common humanity. 

Charlie Mackesy

Health & Wellness

Building my strength through the practice of Pilates has been invaluable. Working with Tace Constantine, the founder of The Core Project, for the past 20 months or so has had a remarkable impact on not just my physical health, but also my mental health.  Her technique and expertise, her  encouragement and attention, options and advice are invaluable.  I look forward to all of her classes … even when they hurt. 

Now, it’s over to Tace to tell you about what she does …

I have come from a corporate background and am extremely passionate about helping all businesses introduce and maintain a mentally happy and physically healthy workplace.

The Core Project is on a mission to change the narrative around office jobs clashing with a healthy lifestyle, by combining the two worlds. We spend so much time at a desk, looking at a screen, and sometimes we can forget how important it is to move throughout the day. Also, it can be hard to find the time, so why not bring wellness to work? We can bring Pilates sessions direct to your workplace, meet your team at the park, or virtually via live sessions.

Enjoy the opportunity to step away from your working day to reboot via breath, challenging movement and stretching. It encourages you and your staff to really stop, reset, and in turn approach the rest of the day more productive, focussed and motivated. Plus it is a great way to build staff relationships and company cultures, whilst providing a means to educate staff on the importance of striving for better health and wellness at work, and also at home.

We personalise and individually design every program so it is unique to your company, your team, your culture, your needs. Life is about balance, and we spend so much of our week working! We have a passion for making sure you stay your fittest, healthiest and happiest in mind and body, in and outside of your working life, so reach out, and let's make it happen!


By the way, it’s almost 6 years since I completed by Master in Applied Positive Psychology, developing Leading with Courage as my Capstone Project, and it’s already been 3 years since I was accredited by Dr. Brené Brown in her work, Dare To LeadTM

I am so honoured and humbled to be exploring the significant impact of courage on leadership, teams and culture. Working with others to develop courage is what brings me energy, is what helps me to thrive and be my best for you. 

If you’re keen to build courage too, let’s chat! … Coffee? Walk? Coffee and walk?

Be the courage you wish to see in the world (apologies to Mahatma Gandhi),



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