#courage #leadership #secret #success #daretobeme #conversations #toolkit

Written by  Tuesday, 01 November 2022
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#Courage #Leadership #Secret #Success #Daretobeme #Conversations #Toolkit


Courageous Leadership – A Reflection

Reflection is a powerful tool for building and maintaining learning, self-awareness and more; and yet, we often don’t take the time to reflect.

I invite you to reflect on your courageous leadership as you consider Brené Brown’s quote:

“A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.”

  • How seriously do you take this responsibility?
  • How willing are you to take this responsibility?
  • Who and/or what has enabled you to have the courage to take this responsibility?
  • What risks – to you, your workplace – are associated with taking on this responsibility?
  • What barriers and/or mistakes have you encountered along the way? What have you learnt along the way?
  • What outcomes have you achieved as a result of stepping into this courageous leadership role? How does this make you feel?
  • What outcomes have others achieved by your stepping into this role? How does this make you feel?
  • How worthwhile is this role – for you, your workplace?
  • If there was one piece of advice you have for leaders about to embark on this courageous act, what would that be?

If you would like to share some/all of your reflections, we’re keen to listen and to learn with you.

You can find further reflection exercises and freely available courage-building resources at insium’s Leading with Courage website.


You can’t sell a secret

Wise advice from Jonathan Smarrelli: "You can't sell a secret." 

While Jonathan was talking about material goods in our discussion, I share this with you as encouragement to share your strengths, skills and wisdom with others – don't keep these a secret. 

Consider:  Do your team members and leaders know of the strengths and skills that you bring to your role, to your team, to your workplace?  What strengths and skills don't they know about that would be invaluable for everyone's success? What "secrets" are worth sharing? 

Similarly, what do you know of the strengths and skills that your team members and leaders bring to their roles and the team? What "secrets" should you be curious about? What "secrets" will enable everyone to be the best version of themselves; to be the success that they want to be; to achieve team & organisational success?


What we’re passionate about …

You know I’m passionate about assisting others to build courage, leadership and teams; it’s what brings me energy, it’s what helps me to thrive and to be my best for you.

A couple of projects that I have developed this year to build courage include:

Dare To Be Me: the focus of this program is on understanding self and others better, with particular emphasis on the key high performing team characteristics of vulnerability, trust and communication. We use innovative methods – such as improvisation and Oblique Inspiration Cards – to provide a felt-experience and deep reflective learning for participants. 

Courageous Conversations Toolkit: this includes tools such as “My Courageous Self,” “The 3Cs of Workplace Conversations,” “WRW” and “Courageous Conversations Checklists.” When working with participants with these tools, we focus on a current conversation that needs to take place so that participants work on their own real case-study and develop a plan of action that can be applied immediately in their workplace.

These projects all take place in a learning environment that is safe, that sparks curiosity in all and enables everyone to take a risk, to learn and to shine. If you’re passionate about building courage and would like to know more, I’m always up for a chat, a coffee, a walk … or any combination of the above.

I continue to be honoured and humbled to work with others to develop courage. 


We all  have courage within; we just need a light shone on it.




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